About the project

For the New Mills Festival 2011, artists, local community groups and worldwide crafting communities will collaboratively create a ‘woolly wander yarn trail’ on the streets of New Mills.
The project will be fabricated through a series of programmed workshops during the lead up to the festival, which opens on the 9th September 2011.

A international call out to all crafters will be made via a project blog, through social networking sites and online crafting communities.

The work will be installed during the two weeks leading up to the festival and will include the following outdoor installations:

·       Knitted and crocheted sweets inspired by local company Swizzles Matlow (http://www.swizzels-matlow.com/) , which will be installed as ‘yarn bombs or knitted graffiti’ in and around the town as hangings in a variety of locations.
·       A car that will be covered in knitting and crochet squares, which will be parked up in a central location in the town during the festival.

The main aim of the Woolly Wander project overall is to foster and promote creativity within the New Mills area, and for local artists and crafters to collaboratively work on project and present it to the community at the festival.
The project will also:

·       Promote cross-generational and cultural creative activity within the town
·       Local, national, international appeal via marketing and promotions of the project. 
     e.g an international call-out for contributions will raise the profile of New Mills
·       To promote the arts in New mills
·       Create lasting creative groups in the area that we endeavour to continue beyond the project

Lead Artists for the project

Project management: Lyn Bannister and Maureen Jordan:

Lyn Bannister is a visual artist and Maureen Jordan has long experience as an arts administrator and producer. They have worked in partnership with New Mills Original, Neoartists - Bolton and New Mills Festival. Their overall aim is to develop audiences for contemporary arts projects, exhibitions and performances.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/ArtLounge

Consultant artist: ArtYarn (Rachael Elwell) 

ArtYarn have extensive project experience in the visual arts, specialising in contemporary knitting and crochet. ArtYarn collaborate with community groups, world wide crafting networks and independent artist to deliver public arts projects, community inclusive projects and creative craft workshops.
Link: http://www.artyarn.org . http://www.artyarn.blogspot.com