How to make: Knitted Squares

To make your knitted squares....

For the creation of the Woolly Car Cover we are asking all the participants to make a knitted or crocheted square which measures Aprox. 12cm x 12cm

We'd love the colours to reflect the candy theme of our other  Swizzles sweetie inspired woolly installation,  but we would be really happy to receive squares of all colours because we need to collect as many as possible to cover the car completely in knitting and crochet!!

An example of how your knitted square may look

(image not to actual scale)

To make your knitted squares you will need:

Any size needles can be used, whatever feels best. We recommend using around a 7mm needle, as this size is easy to useand wil knit your square up quicker. 
Smaller or larger needles are just as appropriate.
If they come out bigger or smaller this doesn’t matter, it’s the activity and fun of knitting that counts!

If you are using a pair or 7mm needles, for example, we suggest you cast on around 20 stitches with an average weight yarn such as a Double Knitting yarn or an Aran yarn.

Here’s where you can get creative! Choose any colour or any kind of yarn you like – we’d love to keep the colours in a candy colour theme, but we would be happy to receive any coloured squares. 

Swizzles candy colours could be the following::